How to Get There?

The Keio Plaza Hotel is located in Shinjuku

Tokyo Airports

Tokyo has two international airports. When choosing your flights, we recommend to select Haneda Airport, as you will be much closer to the ISER XXII Biennial Meeting venue, the Keio Plaza Hotel.

Narita International Airport (three terminals) is about 60km from central Tokyo, and it is accessible by either the Narita Express in 40 to 60 minutes or the new Sky Access in 36 minutes or Airport Limousine Bus in 85 to 145 minutes (see also -> Airport Transfer).

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) (three terminals) is located within 15km, and it is easily accessible by either train or monorail in 15 minutes or Airport Limousine Bus in 35 to 75 minutes to central Tokyo (this bus stops directly at the meeting venue, the Keio Plaza Hotel. See also -> Airport Transfer).

Together they handle all major carriers, providing great access for guests from around the globe. They remain a key hub to the region as well. Narita, for example, offers over 1,430 international flights every week, connecting to 100 cities around the world (as of April 2015). Haneda provides 681 flights weekly, serving 26 cities across the globe (as of July 2015).

Haneda offers less international flights, but is located much closer to the meeting venue.

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Limousine Bus 

Airport Transfers


The easiest – and fastest – way to reach Tokyo city centre from Haneda or Narita Airport is by train.
From Haneda Airport:
To reach Shinjuku Station, you can take the Monorail and change at Hamamatsu-Cho station to the JR Yamamote Line. This transfer takes around 35 minutes and costs approximately 650 JPY (around $5.50). For more information click here.
From Narita Airport:
The Narita Express takes 80 minutes from Narita to Shinjuku Station and one ticket costs 3,190 JPY (around $26.50).


You can also take the Airport Limousine Bus.   
From Haneda Airport to Shinjuku the Bus takes 35-75 minutes (depending on traffic) and costs 1,230 JPY (around $10.20). This bus stops directly at the meeting venue, the Keio Plaza Hotel.
From Narita Airport:
You can take the Narita Express Bus, but you will have to change to the JR Yamanote Line at Tokyo station. This transfer takes approximately 90 minutes and costs around 1,200 JPY (around $10.00).


Haneda Airport has taxi stands at both terminals. The fare to Shinjuku Station depends on the traffic as the journey will most likely be metered. Haneda Airport is 22km from Shinjuku Station.
From Narita Airport: Narita Airport is about 60km from Tokyo city centre. Several taxi companies offer services at Narita International Airport. Standard fares to destinations in Tokyo range from 16,000 JPY ($132) to 22,000 JPY ($182), plus expressway tolls.
Some taxi companies adopt a zone fare system, where destinations are divided into zones, each with a uniform fare. The meter is not used.

Visa Regulations

Many tourists and business travelers to Japan will require no visa or a simple visitor visa if they enter Japan for a period of 90 days or less, for example citizens of Argentina, Australia, Canada, Israel, Singapore, the United States and most countries of Europe. Residents of China, Russia, or the Philippines require a visa.

For more details on visa regulations, please click visit the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


If you require a letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa, please apply to the Secretariat during the registration process or at and provide your full name and address details with your request. Please note that such letters do not represent a commitment on the part of ISER to provide any financial assistance.